Cat Calls cat-sitting service... Your cats' alternative to a cattery

Cat Calls is South Londonís longest established Cat Sitting service Established in 1987
Anerley, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, East Dulwich, Herne Hill, West Norwood, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Penge

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Welcome to Cat Calls Ltd

Cat Calls Ltd was the first professional, full-time cat sitting service in the UK.

We are a small, dedicated team of four cat-carers, with many years of specific cat-care experience. Although we are frequently imitated, our long-term clients tell us we're still the best!

Ralf and Olive

We have been caring exclusively for local cats for over 25 years, having been established in 1987.

Cat Calls was originally conceived as an alternative to a cattery, allowing your cat to stay happy and secure in his or her own home without the need for an often-lengthy - and noisy - car journey, and time spent in unfamiliar, and possibly stressful surroundings.

FluffygirlHowever, customers soon realised that there was an added advantage in having their home security checked and maintained each day:

As part of the service, we at Cat Calls are used to also taking in milk , post and Internet Deliveries & Veg Boxes left in front porches, collecting up junk mail, watering pots and window boxes in season, relocating wheely-bins after collection day: All this gives your property a more "lived-in" appearance in your absence.

We always make our calls as discreetly as possible.

Our vehicles are unobtrusive and are deliberately NOT sign written with advertising logos - unlike other pet-care-providers' company vehicles, which may draw attention to the fact that you are not at home.

Cat Calls usually call once per day, usually but NOT EXCLUSIVELY between 11am and 5pm. This means that our visits happen during Veterinary opening hours, should your cat require emergency attention.

We offer a twice daily service for nursing kittens, or those cats needing twice-daily medication (Diabetes, Hyper-thyroidism, Dialysis etc) only.

Please note that as we have become specialized over the years, and have very many clients whose cats have special medical needs, those cats will ALWAYS take priority in our daily schedule.

Therefore it is not possible to book morning calls, unless for medical needs as above.

During busy periods, when we are fully booked - such as weekends and holiday / festive season- calls may be made earlier or later than 11am-5pm. When a call is booked for a specific day, it will be made on that day. It is not possible to specify which time of day. Please bear this in mind with your leaving / return times when making your booking.

Please do not ask for calls to be made on an alternate-day basis, even if you have another friend / relative calling.


We do not offer this service as it is very unfair on the cats and would invalidate our insurance.

Cat Calls is owned and run by Jane Matthews who has been working professionally with cats for over 25 years.

Jane has wide experience of all aspects of home cat care, and has nursed cats with Leukaemia, Feline Asthma, Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Terminal Cancer and Paraplegia.

The rest of the team are Jane 'Skippy' Skipper, Laura Marchant Short and very occasionally Pennie Hedge. They are all very experienced in every aspect of cat-care, and of course are enthusiastically cat-owned themselves. All of our own cats feature amongst the clients' cats in the photos you can see on these pages.

Every team member has undergone an intensive and specific six-month cat-care training period so that we are ready to deal with any emergency or eventuality.

Working as a small team means that we are able to get to know the cats in our care well: all the better for quickly detecting warning signs should a cat become unwell.

We are NOT an agency, and we NEVER subcontract the care of your cats to anyone else. NOR do we "fit your cats in" around a schedule that PRIORITISES care of other pets - such as dog-walking.

We concentrate on caring exclusively for cats!

Although if there happen to be other small pets living in the house too, such as goldfish or hamsters, we wont let them go hungry in your absence!

Cat Calls Ltd has been very generously recommended by all the Veterinary Practices in the area over many years, and we appreciate and thank them for their continued support.

Paxton Vet Group * Lordship Lane Vets * Mayow Clinic
Parish Lane Vets * Brockwell Vets
Norwood Rd Vets * The Neighbourhood Vet

* We also count several Veterinary Surgeons themselves amongst our clients! *

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Caring for your cats in the comfort of their own homes

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