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Cat Calls is South London's longest established Cat Sitting service Established in 1987
Anerley, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, East Dulwich, Herne Hill, West Norwood, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Penge

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How Much Do You Charge?
How Much Notice do I Need to Give?
What is your cancellation policy?
How Long Do You Stay?
What Time Do You Call?
Do you change litter trays?
Can I Check on my Cat Whilst I'm Away?
How Secure Will My Home Be?
What Happens to my Keys at the End of a Booking?
What Happens If My Cat Becomes Unwell?
Should I Leave The Cat Flap Open?
Do You Water Plants?
Is there anything else I need to know?
How Do I Book?

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How Much Do You Charge?

Most Calls are £15 per call, for one call per day , on most days of the year (see below), when booked with plenty of notice. Calls to be made within normal working hours of 10am - 5pm. Please see "Other Charges" below for out-of hours calls

A registration fee also applies for new clients / returning clients.

Registration is £15 if booking ten calls or more.

Registration is £25.00 if booking fewer than 10 calls.

This covers our time to come and meet you and your cats, collect and check your keys, complete the necessary paperwork, and familiarise ourselves with your home security/alarm system.

The registration visit itself usually takes about half an hour

The resulting admin and data entry carried out later usually takes a further hour.

Registration also includes free storage of your keys for 18 months.

Clients who book throughout the following 12 months are automatically re-registered free of charge for as long as they continue to make bookings.

Clients who leave a gap of 18 months or more between bookings will be required to re-register to have their details updated.


Prices are per call for up to four cats per household. Small caged pets such as house-rabbits, hamsters etc and fish in tanks are also included in this rate, up to two cages of small pets / tanks of fish or combination thereof.

If you have more than four cats, more than two cages of small pets or more than two tanks of fish; OR if you have outdoor-kept small pets, outdoor fish, or chickens or other fowl, please email directly for a quote tailored to your specific needs.


Full Payment or Balance Payment is due 48 hours before any booking commences so if you're paying by Direct Transfer, please arrange it to transfer in good time.

Please drop us an email to confirm that payment has been made. Don't forget to use your cats name, Surname and postcode as a reference. ( EG, Mousey Smith, SE19 so that your payment can be allocated correctly.)

If you prefer to pay by cheque or cash, please leave it for collection on your first call.

  • A Premium Rate of £20 per call is charged on short-notice-bookings, i.e. those booked with less than 14 days notice, and on Bank Holiday weekends. 
  • Short-notice calls made for Bank Holiday weekends are £30 per call, if any calls are still available at short-notice
  • Calls booked for during the '12 Days of Christmas' - 22nd December - 2nd January inc. - are charged at £25 per call. 
  • The Festive Season is always fully booked months in advance.


    Our busiest times apart from these are the entire months of June, July, August and September.

    Clients booking 7 or more calls during these 4 Summer Months are asked to transfer a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure their booking. 

    Sadly this measure is a recent addition to our booking policy due to some clients making speculative bookings, then cancelling when a friend or family member becomes available. 

    Payment is welcome by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer.

    Payment for each booking / balance due is due 48 hours before the start of each booking, if paying by Bank Transfer.

    If paying by cash or cheque, please leave it with the cat food so that it can be collected on the first call.

    You will find our Bank Details on your Contract.

    Due to admin costs, late payment will incur a £20 charge per booking. Clients who have not transferred payment within 7 days of their booking ending will have £20 added to their bill. Reminders will not be sent.

    Please remember that WEEKENDS especially Summer or Bank Holiday weekends, are usually fully booked up weeks in advance.


    Additional daily calls £30 per call

  • Out of Hours calls: ie, before 10am or after 5pm £40 per call. We are unable to make early / late calls over the Festive Season, ( 22 December - 2 January inc.)
  • Purchase and collection of food, litter, litter-tray necessities if not sufficiently supplied £30 per hour or part thereof, plus the purchase price of necessary items.
  • Emergency vet visits £30 per hour or part thereof plus vets fees.
  • Time spent dealing with faulty locks/ break-in / burglary etc £30 per hour or part thereof
  • Key collection £30
  • Unavoidable parking charges: Charge made by parking authority plus £30 admin charge
  • Outdoor plant watering: see separate section on website

    How much notice do I need to give?

    As much as possible! Usually between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the time of year.

    The majority of our regular clients book with Cat Calls as soon as they book their own breaks and holidays, very often months in advance.

    We are especially busy during Easter; May and August Bank Holday weekends; from 1 June to 30 September inc ( yes, all 4 months ) and The Festive Season of 24 Dec – 2 January inc.

    We always give booking priority to clients who use Cat Calls regularly throughout the year.

    Sadly, we aren’t always able to help people who want us to make last-minute bookings, especially when they have been let down by friends or neighbours.

    Clients whose work or other commitments takes them away from home at short notice are asked to let us know in advance that this is likely to happen, We’re happy to help when forewarned.

    Likewise any clients suffering bereavement or other sudden need to use our services will be charged at the regular (Lowest) tariff for emergency short-notice bookings.

    Clients wanting to make a booking with less than 14 days notice at any of the above named busiest times will be charged £20 per Call if there are any Calls still available at such short-notice.

    Please make sure that you have read and fully understand the Cancellation Policy, and the periods that it pertains to before making any booking.

    What's Your Cancellation Policy?

    Due to high demand at peak times - SEE ABOVE - bookings made for calls over any Bank Holiday period, the Festive Season and the entire months of June, July, August and September must be paid for IN FULL if subsequently cancelled.

    This is because we always have to turn away many enquiries for these periods believing ourselves to be fully booked. These slots can never be re-filled at short notice.

    Our cancellation policy for the rest of the year is 7 days notice.

    Where a Registration visit has happened, but the booking is subsequently cancelled before it goes ahead, the Registration charge of £15.00 still applies.

    How Long Do You Stay?

    This depends on your cat. Some cats who are shy prefer a shorter visit, whilst they assess the caller and work out whether to be friends or not. Bolder cats or kittens will want to have a cuddle on the sofa. Other cats reserve their affection for Mum or Dad, and very much see us as the "hired help", there only to service their immediate needs!

    It's down to the individual cat to make his/her own decision, and we respect that: after all, its their home, not ours!

    What Time Do You Call?

    Usually, but not exclusively, between the hours of 11am and 5pm, in case we should find a veterinary emergency.

    Given the number of "special needs" cats needing morning meds amongst our clients, and the amount of administration that must be done each day, the majority of calls are usually made after 12 noon.

    Calls to give medication that have to be made outside of these hours will be charged at the Premium Rate.

    It is not possible to specify a time for your call.

    Do you change litter trays?

    Yes! Of course! Please make sure that you leave plenty of litter, a proper litter-scoop, bags for disposal and cleaning equipment - including a dustpan and brush - for around the tray area. If your cat normally goes out, and you've decided to keep him or her inside whilst you are away (see below) please leave lots of litter, as people frequently under-estimate the amount their cat actually uses!

    Can I check on my cat whilst I'm away?

    Please do! Just drop us an email and we will reply!

    With email now so accessible from pretty much everywhere on the planet, it's easy for you to send a quick enquiry to see how things are at home. Incoming emails are checked at the start and end of each week day Mon - Fri only, and we'll respond to your message as soon as we can.

    At the weekends (our busiest time) we check emails once daily, for emergencies only.

    Over Festive Season, we will email updates to clients who request them at the end of the working day - which could well be 9pm, so please bear this in mind if you don't hear back quickly over Christmas...its our busiest time.

    You can email as often as you like to put your mind at rest and allow you to enjoy your holiday.

    How Secure Will My Home Be?

    As secure as you leave it! We are very thorough in engaging all locks and security systems, and will alternate lights, curtains, radios etc if requested to give the appearance of your property being occupied.

    We can bring in milk and Organic Box deliveries if you’ve forgotten to cancel them, remove post and leaflets from the letterbox and hallway, and return dustbins to their proper location after emptying.

    We make our visits as discreetly as possible, and DO NOT use sign written vehicles, as we don’t want to advertise to the casual observer that you are away from home!

    What happens to my keys at the end of a booking?

    For security reasons, we never, EVER, drop keys into your letterbox at the end of a booking.

    The set of keys you give us should be a spare set - not currently in use by any other family member.

    If you prefer that we hold your keys for next time, for our mutual convenience, we are happy to do so, and have secure facilities, which we offer free of charge. 99% of clients choose to do leave their keys with us.

    If you want your keys returned to you when the booking ends, please email or call to let us know of your safe return, and we will drop your keys back in to you as soon as we’re next in your area, but please make sure that you have read the paragraph below…..

    If you want to make further bookings, and we do NOT hold your keys, it is down to you to get the keys back to us in good time for your next booking, either by Courier Service or by bringing them yourself. We do NOT offer a courier service.

    Also... we are not a 24-hour- key-holding service! If you lock yourself out at the weekend or the evening, you will NOT be able to contact us!

    We strongly recommend that you always leave a further spare set of keys with a local or reliable friend, or in your desk at work if your office has 24-hour security.

    What Happens If My Cat Becomes Unwell?

    We will take the cat to his or her own vet, or to the nearest vet in an emergency, and contact you immediately on the number you have provided.

    As all the local surgeries know Cat Calls Ltd, we will either arrange for the Vet to invoice you on your return, or settle the bill immediately on your behalf. You can then reimburse us on your return.

    Should I Leave The Cat Flap Open?

    Locking the catflap and providing a litter tray ensures total peace of mind for you, and also prevents other cats intruding.

    However, your cat may resent having his/her freedom curtailed, and take his frustration out on you - or the furniture!

    Again, as with all things feline, we must respect the cat's individuality!

    Please see above re: "Litter Trays" if you decide to keep your otherwise outdoor cat inside.

    Do You Water Plants?


    Please group all houseplants together and leave full written instructions regarding them. There's no extra charge for this. However, you do need to leave a note to remind us of this on each booking.

    Garden Plants:
    If you want garden pots, hanging baskets or window-boxes watering, this is £2 per watering session if you have an outside tap and hosepipe.

    If we have to fill and carry watering cans, we charge £5 per watering for this.

    As the English Summer weather is so unpredictable, please leave payment for watering separately - we suggest you leave a pile of £2 coins to cover every day ( or more to cover the extra charge if we have to fill and carry cans ) - we will simply take the correct payment for each time we have to water the pots.

    We will of course make a note for you as we go along of which days we have watered, and therefore taken payment.

    As before, please group outside pots together, take hanging baskets down, and place them in the shadiest part of the garden to give them the best chance of survival should we have "a scorcher"!

    If you'd like to have an outside tap fitted, local Plumber Jerry Lott ( 07757 611193 ) can do that for you.

    Is there anything else I need to know?

    It always helps your caller if you leave a clear, precise note for us for each new booking, as cat needs - both dietary and medication - often change between bookings. We are also happy to send you a form to fill in and leave each time if you would like us to.

    We are very happy to measure out special diets to the gramme, if wished. Just remember to leave the scales out, and leave a note (see above) with the quantity of food needed per 24 hours, and the timing interval of automatic feeders if you usually use them.

    We only recommend using auto-feeders for dry diets, and for supplementary meals in the day, not as an alternative to a daily call. Please email for advice if contemplating an auto-feeder. The ONLY brand we use ourselves and recommend is the widely available "CatMate C20". We do not recommend any of the circular type of feeders. Instructions must be left for the operation of all other auto-feeders ( apart from the CatMate C20 mentioned above. ) Please don’t forget to ensure that timers have fresh BATTERIES and are SWITCHED ON!!

    Working with animals often means unforseen circumstances, which can cause delay. Unexpected vet visits, un-anticipated clean-ups (when a cat brings a bird in and kills it, for example), very elderly cats who may develop upset tummies, problems with locks, alarms or even - very occasionally - attempted burglaries may mean we run late. It doesn't happen every day, but could happen on any day, so please bear this in mind.

    Ok, You've Persuaded Me! How Do I Book?

    Just send an email to - it's as easy as that!

    Please put your surname, postcode and requested dates in the Subject box for quick, easy reference.

    We need to know where you are, and when you'll be away, and if you have any other specific queries not answered in this website.

    Then we'll arrange a suitable time for Jane to come and meet you and the cats, fill out the paperwork and collect your keys. We try and arrange new customer registrations on a weekday evening, after you're home from work.

    There is a charge of £15.00 for the registration visit, to cover the time taken, but if you are booking more than 10 days you will not be asked to pay this charge.

    Once you are registered and "in the system" any further bookings can be made by sending an email, with the necessary notice. If you decide you want us to hold your keys securely, we can do so: If you would rather have your keys returned to you after your booking, please bear in mind that you will need to send/deliver them to us AT LEAST one working week before the start of any future booking.

    Please also bear in mind that the office is CLOSED in the evenings and at weekends, to allow US quality / Family time, so allow plenty of notice for any bookings or queries.

    We take all bookings by email only as this ensures that all details and dates are in writing and therefore accurate.


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